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In the hallowed halls of musical history, where the sweet melodies of house music intertwine with the rhythmic beats of hip-hop and R&B, emerges a luminary whose journey began with the gift of turntables and a mixer during his bar-mitzvah in 1997.

Meet N8N, the charismatic maestro of the DJ world, who embarked on a musical odyssey that continues to reverberate through the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

From the very outset, Nathan's passion for music ignited an inferno of creativity within him. Starting with house music, he soon delved deeper, unearthing the raw, original funk and soul samples that would become the very essence of his sonic signature. But it didn't stop there; this gifted young prodigy set up his own club in his parents' basement while still in his formative years. By the time he turned sixteen, N8N was already mesmerizing audiences at private events, casting his spell over birthdays and celebrations alike.

The wheels of destiny turned in his favor when he seized the opportunity to take the stage at the illustrious local hotspot, The Bar Room, in his beloved hometown of Antwerp. The sparks of his electrifying performances reached far beyond, capturing the attention of the vibrant local Jewish community, where he earned the honor of managing a pulsating nightclub. With this pivotal role, he unleashed a torrent of unforgettable events, including the legendary Mob Nights, which magnetized legions of enthusiastic youngsters over the years.

N8N's meteoric rise as a DJ/MC extraordinaire could no longer be contained within the boundaries of his hometown; major festivals like Tomorrowland & Laundry Day beckoned, and he answered the call with unbridled energy. Renowned for his sing-a-longs, gravity-defying moonwalks, and even claiming credit for the iconic sit-down and stage dive moves, N8N left an indelible mark wherever he graced the stage.

In 2006, a cosmic alignment of fate brought forth a funky DJ duo that would solidify N8N's place in the annals of musical greatness. Teaming up with his dear friend and colleague DJ Mystique, 'The Milkshakerz' stormed the nation's clubs, and even ventured beyond borders, enchanting audiences as far away as Thailand and Singapore.

But the mastermind behind 'The Milkshakerz' had even grander aspirations. The Love Below, a monthly rendezvous with the soul, emerged as an intimate club night hosted by N8N himself at his favorite Antwerp establishment. To give this concept wings, he brought on his idols: the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, DJ ?uestlove, DJ Cash Money, DJ Maseo, and DJ Rashida graced the Love Below stage, turning it into a sensational phenomenon, an intimate spot where big names mingled with the warmth of a tight-knit community.

N8N's allure transcended musical boundaries, as he became the go-to performer for illustrious figures and iconic brands. After-parties for Nile Rodgers and the Chic organization, private events for the esteemed antiques mogul Axel Vervoort, and captivating fashion shows for influential brands such as Gucci, Essentiel, G-star Raw, Cafe Costume, and Patron, all sang praises of the musical maestro.

Perhaps the apex of his career came when he shared the stage with luminaries like Mark Ronson at the prestigious Winter Music Conference in Miami. But an even more celestial invitation awaited him – a personal request from none other than the enigmatic Prince himself, to orchestrate his breathtaking aftershows in Brussels in both 2010 and 2011. These were moments that etched themselves permanently in N8N's heart.

As the years danced on, N8N found himself drawn to the vibrant shores of Cape Town during the European winters. There, he serenades the privileged guests at private events and holds court as a resident DJ/MD at the exclusive Athletic Club & Social.

But even as he revels in these delightful musical excursions, N8N's true focus never wavers – his boundless passion for studio work and unforgettable live performances remain his steadfast companions.

Through every groove and melody, N8N's heart remains eternally entwined with the pulsating beats of music. From that auspicious bar-mitzvah in '97 to the heights of international acclaim, this maestro of soul has forged a connection that transcends time and space.

During the 2021 Covid-19 lockdown Nathan reconnected with DJ Nicolaz from back in the day to create a fresh new DJ duo from the future called 'We Are 1984' performing massive shows with original mash-ups and remixes at Tomorrowland, The Gathering, The day Before Tomorrow, Shalvata (Tel Aviv), Cape Town and the world.  

His journey continues, for he knows that the night might end, but the music never stops. And so, with every note, he whispers to the universe,

"Groove is in the heart"

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